Jeremiah 1:4-14
Jeremiah had every excuse ready when God called him to be a prophet and his excuses are often our execuses for not hearing God’s voice when he calls. “But” countering each excuse was a promise from God.
*Our excuses and the Promise of God:
1. The task is Demanding in Jeremiah 1:5 Jeremiah was called to be a prophet to the nation. And sometimes God called us to be like a prophet too or as an authorized spokesman for God.
But sometimes we use the excuse ‘the task is demanding’.
-God’s Promise
Before i formed you in the belly I knew you.
-God knows that we can do His calling
2. My talent is Inadequate
Sometimes we think that our talents are not good enough to do our calling.
-God’s Promise
Jer. 1:9 Be strong and Courageous
-our talent may appear inadequate, but God always equips those He calls.
3. The time is not Right (Jer.1:6)
We always use the time or timing to make alibi and we refuse to go because of our age.
-God’s Promise
Jer. 1:8
‘Be not afraid of their faces: for I am with you to deliver you, said the LORD.
When God calls us to do something let us believe that we can do that duty not because we can,but because God chose us to do it and let us be thankful when God asks us to do something because that is proof that God has confidence in our ability.

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